Lázaro Oliveira: «We are working to compete in the II League»

Portimonense still doesn't know which event they will compete in 2012/2013, but Lázaro Oliveira, who was presented this afternoon as […]

Portimonense still doesn't know what competition they'll play in 2012/2013, but Lázaro Oliveira, who was introduced this afternoon as coach of Alvinegros, says he's working for the II League. Despite this conviction, the coach, who returns to the club's bench after a short spell at Atlético, says he signed a contract independently of the competition.

Lázaro Oliveira says that when the invitation came to return to Portimão, "he didn't think twice" about accepting the proposal of a club that "provides all the conditions to work with rigor and quality".

If Portimonense is invited to participate in the II League, it will enter the competition on the 29th of July, in the group stage of the League Cup and it is with its eyes set on that eventual official game that the new technical team says it is working.

“Our idea and hope is that the team participates in the II League. The competition starts on the 29th of July, and it is with this intention that we are working», said Lázaro Oliveira.

The coach, who is back with last season's coaching team, wants to build a competitive squad using something he didn't have last year, when he picked up the team mid-season: time. «With time, starting from the beginning, we have all the conditions to create a team that can give many joys to the members of Portimonense», he said.


"We will be happy if any club does not complete the registration, but we understand the problems"


The president of Portimonense, Fernando Rocha appeared alongside Lázaro Oliveira in the press room and showed confidence in a «year of victories». The manager recalled that, last year, despite the club's relegation, the technical team «showed great dignity, quality, professionalism and knowledge, which are the reasons for this invitation. We are convinced that we can have a more relaxed championship».

This peaceful championship, believes Fernando Rocha, will be held in the II League, since «it will be very difficult for clubs in difficulties to meet the conditions to enroll. If you can't sign up, we'll be very happy, but we understand the problems, and I want to give you a word of respect. Portimonense has as many or more problems than other clubs, but as a result of an organization and the way we manage this situation, we are able to fulfill our obligations to play in the II League», he explained.

The manager even said that he hopes that the invitation for Portimonense to play in the II League will appear next Wednesday. «I think that within two days, since the deadlines have already been extended as they had to be, Portimonense should be invited to participate in the Honor League».


Lázaro Oliveira is the “new” coach of Portimonense