Lagos hosts Awareness Session on the Via Algarviana

The Almargem Association's management team will be in Lagos on July 12, to carry out a […]

The Almargem Association's management team will be in Lagos on the 12th of July, to carry out an awareness-raising session aimed at promoting the Via Algarviana.

The Câmara de Lagos points out that «this initiative meets the municipality's intention to promote, in the municipality, all aspects related to Nature Tourism, taking advantage of natural and landscape resources for the development of rewarding and innovative experiences».

The session, scheduled for the Centro Cultural de Lagos at 18 pm, is open to the entire population and has free entry, although the organization requests, whenever possible, a prior registration.

The management team of Via Algarviana is conducting, throughout the month of July and throughout the Algarve, awareness and clarification sessions for all those interested in learning about the actions foreseen in the application.

The main objectives of this action are to present the results obtained so far with the project, to identify and explain the actions planned by the end of the year by municipality, as well as to analyze with companies and the population the advantages and potential of this long route pedestrian route , which crosses the Algarve, from Alcoutim to Cabo de São Vicente.

For more information and registration, interested parties should contact Associação Almargem: Liliana Bom / 289 412 959.


The Via Algarviana is a long distance (300km) pedestrian route, classified as Grande Rota (GR13). It starts in Alcoutim, next to the Guadiana, and ends in Cabo de S. Vicente, in Vila do Bispo, passing through the mountains of Caldeirão and Monchique.

It crosses essentially forest areas and villages in the interior of the Algarve, where many of the rural traditions that the project intends to make known still persist.

The Câmara de Lagos points out that «this initiative meets the municipality's intention to enhance, in the municipality, all aspects related to Nature Tourism taking advantage of existing natural and landscape resources to develop rewarding and innovative experiences. To this end, we must also take into account the various studies carried out in this area, which take it for granted that trips motivated by the desire to enjoy, contemplate and interact with Nature have increased in Europe at an average annual rate of about 7% in Europe. recent years, and all forecasts indicate that this growth rate will be maintained and even increased in the future».

The municipality adds that «the Algarve and Lagos present unique conditions for the development of the “Nature Tourism” product, in a perspective of tourism enhancement and diversification, in addition to the traditional anchor products».

The diversity of space / natural resources (ecosystems, flora and fauna), the good accessibility and the cleanliness and conservation of the surrounding areas, as well as the international prominence, resulting from the attribution of various awards and prizes that attest to the quality of the municipality of lagos while A reference tourist destination in terms of the environment, cultural heritage and its local identity are essential factors that a destination must count on to be even more recognised.

«For all these reasons, Lagos recognizes the importance of this type of awareness-raising sessions carried out by associations that share the same objectives with regard to Nature».