Animal friends seek volunteers in the Algarve

The animal aid association PRAVI-Projecto de Apoio à Victims Indefensas is recruiting volunteers in the Algarve in order to […]

The animal aid association PRAVI-Support Project for Helpless Victims is recruiting volunteers in the Algarve in order to guarantee their presence at various events in the coming weeks, in the municipality of Faro.

PRAVI is the largest animal protection association in the country and is in charge of over 1600 animals. "In addition to the protection and rescue of stray animals and at risk, it also has as its object the Therapies and Assisted Activities for children, the elderly and people with disabilities," revealed the association in a statement.

Volunteers can start helping the association this week, simply by contacting the association via email [email protected].

From the 6th to the 10th of June, PRAVI will be at the Handicraft Fair that will take place at Jardim Manuel Bívar, between 18pm and 23pm and «needs volunteers for the bank», which will be installed there.

The animal protection group will also be present at the Handicraft Fair that the Parish Council of São Pedro, from Faro, takes place on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

Next Saturday, July 7th, PRAVI will be present at the Moth Market, taking place between 18pm and 23pm, in the Garden in Front of the Algarve Forum.

"PRAVI does not have any kind of institutional help, so all the events held serve not only to make the Association and the animals we have for adoption known, but also to raise funds to continue carrying out this work of extreme social importance," he added. .