Portimão riverside zone receives 1st Dog Adoption Event

The Associação Amigos do Canil de Portimão promotes next Saturday, June 30, at Jardim Visconde de Bívar, in […]

The Associação Amigos do Canil de Portimão promotes the 30st Dog Adoption Event in Portimão next Saturday, June 1, in Jardim Visconde de Bívar, in the heart of the city's riverside area, in an action supported by the Municipality of Portimao.

The initiative, which takes place between 10:00 and 17:00, aims to give the dogs of the Portimão Kennel an opportunity to find a home and a family, with the collaboration of Royal Canin, a company that will offer a surprise box for all adopted dogs, and the Alcantarilha Veterinary Clinic, whose head, the veterinarian Kirsten Peters, will be available to answer medical questions.

Also collaborating are Refúgio dos Burros, with donkey rides for children, Alldogs – Canine Training Center, which offers a free month of training for all adopted dogs and “agility” training for dogs, ADAP – Associação de Defesa dos Animals from Portimão, with dogs for adoption, Hello Bello – Hotel for dogs and the boutique and spa “Woof-Woof”.

More information on www.friendscanilportimao.com or on the facebook page Friends of Portimão Kennel.