Ruben Faria wins the last special of the off-road Sardinia Rally

This Thursday, the Algarve driver Ruben Faria won the last 44-kilometre super special of the Rally de Sardinia from […]

This Thursday, the Algarve driver Ruben Faria won the last 44 km super special of the Rally Sardinia off-road. The Red Bull team driver finished the race in 15th place overall.

Ruben Faria went on the attack for this last day, guaranteeing, in the first super special, the 4th place, and the 1st place in the second.

However, a 45min penalty from the previous day did not allow the Algarve driver to rise in the general classification, thus ending the Rally de Sardegna in 15th place.

The pilot explained: “as I mentioned yesterday, today's stage [Thursday] was to attack and that's what I did right from the start. Everything went perfectly, except that a 45min penalty, the reasons for which I still don't understand, didn't allow me to achieve my goals. Many thanks to my team and my sponsors in particular KTM, Red Bull and Vodafone”.

Among the Portuguese, the best classified overall was Helder Rodrigues (4th). The rally was won by Spaniard Jordi Viladoms.

In the last stage, divided into two super specials, the last one was won by Ruben, followed by Paulo Gonçalves, while Hélder Rodrigues was 6th.

In the longest sector, of 80 kilometers, won by the Italian Botturi, Ruben Faria was 4th, Hélder Rodrigues 6th and Paulo Gonçalves 7th.

Super Special 8 Ranking
1st Botturi KTM 38'04.41
2nd Guell KTM 38'08.05
3rd Viladoms KTM 38'38.73
4th Ruben Faria KTM 38'58.87

Overall Classification after the 5th Stage
1th Ruben Faria KTM 55'12.62
2nd Gonçalves Husqvarna 55'22.94
3rd Metge Honda 55'37.60

Sardegna Rally Final Overall Classification 2012
1st Viladoms KTM 11:47'33.02
2nd Botturi KTM 11:57'11.71
3rd Coma KTM 11:58'20.05
15th Ruben Faria KTM 12:51'31.19