Rotated Blanket and Monte Gordo back to having tolled parking to ensure rotation of places

The Municipality of Vila Real de Santo António once again introduced the parking system during the bathing season […]

During the bathing season, the Vila Real de Santo António City Council introduced the fee-based parking system in the Manta Rota and Manta Rota parks. Monte Gordo, in order to ensure the rotation of places and facilitate access to the municipality's beaches.

The measure takes effect on June 15th and runs until September 30th. The system will be managed by the municipal company Sociedade de Gestão Urbana (SGU) of VRSA.

The tariff plan for 2012 maintains the characteristics of last year, with the fifth and sixth hours of parking remaining free. On the other hand, it adapts to the average parking times for those visiting the main bathing areas of Vila Real de Santo António.

In order not to burden residents, merchants and hoteliers, monthly and weekly payment systems were created, which pre-booking can be made at SGU headquarters, in VRSA, by email or telephone.

For Luís Gomes, Mayor of Vila Real de Santo António, “as in previous years, the measure will increase the number of parking lots available during the high season, by increasing turnover. On the other hand, it avoids the abusive practices of vehicles that stayed more than a week in the same place».

«Before, it was common to arrive at Monte Gordo and not being able to have dinner or coffee due to lack of parking. We managed, with this new system, to end this problem. On the other hand, we are promoting the economic activity of the many merchants and restaurants in this bathing area».

With a view to differentiating the type of parking, areas were created for long-term parking, in the western part of Monte Gordo, in the field of Beira-Mar.

The implementation of the new systems will be accompanied by communication actions with the population and companies.

Either in Manta Rota or in Monte Gordo, with the exception of the car parks located near the beach area and the Beira-Mar countryside, all other parking areas will remain free. Also in Monte Gordo, the last parking bag (West area) remains free.