Planned construction for Lagoa dos Salgados causes complaint to the European Commission

The association Almargem has filed a formal complaint with the European Commission regarding the announced construction of villages and hotels in […]

The association Almargem filed a formal complaint with the European Commission due to the announced construction of villages and hotels in Lagoa dos Salgados, municipality of Silves, asking that community legislation be complied with and that a Special Protection Area (SPA) be created in that location.

The Algarve environmentalists justify this measure with the fact that the State has not applied "in due time the Community law on nature conservation, in particular the Birds Directive", despite there being "no doubts about the unequivocal value for the conservation of this nature. area".

This strip of coastal land, located between Armação de Pêra and Albufeira is already classified as Important Bird Areas (IBA) by BirdLife International/SPEA, but the environmental association wants its ecological importance to be formally recognized by the EU and the Portuguese State so that it applies “the measures necessary for the maintenance or restoration of the conservation status of populations of wild species of avifauna and flora (Birds and Habitats Directives)”.

Almargem recalled, in a statement sent to the editorial offices, that «Praia Grande, in the municipality of Silves, is home to one of the last strongholds of the Algarve coast (not yet occupied by concrete), also containing a set of exceptional natural values ​​framed by Lagoa dos Salgados », something that constitutes «an almost unique case».

«Instead, in a single settlement, that which is a buffer zone between the concrete of Armação de Pêra and Albufeira, is preparing to receive almost 4 thousand beds, with several villages, hotels and, of course, a golf course , now in the hands of the Galilei Group, ex-SLN, the one that was associated with the BPN scandal, and recently condemned by the Bank of Portugal, but to which the Government thus promises to “give a helping hand”», criticized the association.

Almargem took the opportunity to ask for the construction to proceed, but of an inter-municipal wastewater treatment system, «centered on a new WWTP – Albufeira Poente – with the capacity to treat the wastewater of 130 000 inhabitants, and consequent deactivation of the associated WWTPs, namely the Pêra WWTP, which discharged directly to the Lagoa dos Salgados and the Guia WWTP (which discharged into the Espiche stream, a tributary of the Lagoa)».