Almargem launches moonlight tours on the Via Algarviana on July 1st

The Via Algarviana can be covered on foot, by bicycle and even on horseback, but the summer heat, in […]

Via Algarviana can be covered on foot, by bicycle and even on horseback, but the summer heat in the Algarve tends to keep visitors away, as it is difficult to walk during the day. Something that will change next month, with the organization of the first night tour on the pedestrian and cycling route in the interior of the Algarve, announced this Wednesday Anabela Santos, the coordinator of the Via Algarviana II project.

The first of these tours will take place on July 1st and a second is already scheduled for August 3rd. In both cases, an attempt was made to make the walk coincide with the Full Moon. "It won't even be on the day of Full Moon, but two or three days before", but it is guaranteed that, if the sky is clear, there will be plenty of natural light, he revealed.

Anabela Santos launched this first-hand novelty on the radio program Impressões, jointly run by Sul Informação and by Rádio Universitária do Algarve RUA FM, which went on air yesterday. The entire interview can be heard again on Saturday at 12 noon on 102.7 FM or on RUA FM website.

«On the 1st of July, the tour will be, in a way, experimental. We will make the connection from the Loulé Railway Station to the Querença connection [on Via Algarviana]. As this connection is large, with 28 kilometers, we will travel 8 kilometers on this first day, to the center of Loulé. We start at 19pm and the idea is to see the Sunset and finish the walk with the Full Moon. You are all invited,” said Anabela Santos. On August 3rd, the rest of the route will be done, on a walk that will already be 20 kilometers and departs from Loulé towards Querença.

In addition to this new type of organized tour, Via Algarviana will have new routes until the end of the year, ranging from thematic routes to audio-guided paths. Some of these new offers are already being tested, as was the case with the two thematic routes created in Monchique.

A Geology Route and Monumental Trees Route they have already been tested and only need minor adjustments to make them ready to be released. Then, the paper maps and guides will have to be structured, which will be available for download on the websites of the association Almargem, responsible for the Via Algarviana project and its partners, in this case the Municipal Councils and Algarve Tourism.

In addition to these two new routes in Monchique, the Water Routes in Loulé and the Contrabandista Routes in Alcoutim will also be created “until the end of November”.

Another strong bet made by Almargem was to link the Via Algarviana to the coast. Two of these paths are «very oriented to mountain bikers», who can now take advantage of the connections to Lagos and Loulé train stations to reach the Via Algarviana. There will also be a connection between Mexilhoeira Grande and Monchique and from Aljezur to Marmelete.

In this second phase, eight circular routes will be created, starting from the Via Algarviana, but with routes that will pass through points of interest that are not included in this territory of the interior of the Algarve.

«We want to increase and diversify the offer, not only to attract more visitors, but also to entice those who have already been here and made the Via Algarviana return», illustrated Anabela Santos.


Experimental Moonlight Walk along the Via Algarviana


The Via Algarviana management team prepared, for Sunday, July 1st, an experimental moonlight walk.

The planned route will be the future connection from the Loulé Railway Station to the city centre, in an extension of about eight kilometers. «We will have the pleasure of seeing the sunset and having the Full Moon to light our way!» guarantees Anabela Santos, from the Almargem association, coordinator of the Via Algarviana team.

The meeting point is scheduled for the headquarters of Almargem, in Loulé, at 19 pm.

The organization advises you to take, on this which will be the first walk on this route, a flashlight, water, comfortable clothes and shoes for walking.

The tour costs 7,5 euros for members and 7,5 euros + 5 euros (membership registration fee) for those who have not registered with Almargem (includes insurance, lunch and transport). Applications must be made by calling 289 412 959 or 938 771 316, or by email [email protected]. When registering, you must provide name, year of birth and telephone number.

“Dare to end the week in the best way possible, walking. Sign up now and bring friends with you!».