AHETA calls for inspection of parallel accommodation in the Algarve

The Association of Hotels and Touristic Enterprises of the Algarve (AHETA) calls, in a statement, for "appropriate intervention by the competent authorities, […]

The Association of Hotels and Touristic Enterprises of the Algarve (AHETA) calls, in a statement, for "an appropriate intervention by the competent authorities, with a view to inspecting and controlling parallel accommodation in the Algarve."

AHETA, as a legitimate representative of the Algarve's hotel and tourist entrepreneurs, requests inspection measures from the competent authorities “more active, firm and committed, with a view to reducing the phenomenon that involves the illegal tourist exploitation of so-called parallel accommodation in the Algarve”.

This type of accommodation, consisting of privately owned apartments and private houses, is normally located outside officially classified or registered tourist developments, and, according to AHETA, competes “unfairly with the legalized offer, either because it does not pay taxes, either because it does not meet the minimum safety and other requirements».

AHETA alerts potential consumers of this accommodation to the need to confirm with the respective local authorities that the accommodation offered is duly registered, and the Municipal Councils, for this purpose, must provide “online” and through the customer service, updated information about the legally registered and therefore authorized to be commercially exploited.

The Algarve's hoteliers stress that "the economic difficulties that the country is going through, together with the austerity measures imposed on families, favor the emergence of tempting proposals in terms of accommodation prices, often without minimum living conditions and even non-existent in some cases" .

In this sense, AHETA also draws the attention of potential users of this accommodation not to let themselves be enchanted by the facilities offered, facilities that are often turned into scams, especially when bookings are made through the internet.

The current legislation in force has allowed the official registration of parallel accommodation located in the areas of the different municipalities, considering AHETA that it is not "acceptable the continuation of an illegal practice that causes enormous damage, either to hotels and tourist developments, or to good image of the largest Portuguese tourist region, and the competent entities, responsible for supervising and controlling these activities, must act in an energetic, appropriate and competent manner».