The products of our land at the table of Teia D'Ideias

«The products of our land» are the main ingredients of another Teia D'Ideias get-together, which will take place at Casa Manuel […]

«The products of our land» are the main ingredients of another Teia D'Ideias get-together, which will take place at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes, in Portimão, at 21 pm on May 00th.

The talk “Produtos da Nossa Terra – A socio-economic wealth” will feature on the panel discussion Ludovina Rodrigues Galego (professor of the Food Engineering Course at the University of Algarve), Carlos Gracias (Algarve Wine Commission), Nuno Gonçalves (Quinta dos Avós – Algoz), João Ministro (Quença Project), Carla Vieira (Historian and Researcher), José Paulo Duarte Nunes (Medronho Confraternity – “Os Monchiqueiros”) and Cremilde Paias Andrez (Algarvian sweets).

Teia D'Impulsos will be represented on the panel by Ana Bernardino Vieira, while Nuno Silva will once again moderate the debate.

In addition to the participants in the discussion panel, this debate of ideas will be further enriched by the presence of several producers of regional products in the Algarve to promote and give away their products, which will include, among others, algarve wine, regional liqueurs , medronho, sausages from Monchique, regional sweets or sweet potatoes from Aljezur.

The meeting will be open to all interested parties, who will be able to watch it live and actively participate in the debate. It will also be possible to follow the main events of the get-together through the Facebook page of Teia D'Impulsos. The coffee break of this VIII episode will be supported by Cakes and Vitamins and Delta. There will also be a contribution from the Barman Association of the Barlavento Algarve, led by Francisco Guerreiro, who will delight those present with surprising mixtures of products from our land.

The cycle of get-togethers is promoted by Teia D'Impulsos – Social, Cultural and Sports Association, in partnership with the Municipality of Portimão, Rádio Costa D'Oiro and ETIC Algarve.

«Since the primordial times of civilization, the land has been the main source of human subsistence. In addition to meeting the basic needs for their survival, land is also a source of culture and identity. People make themselves known for what they harvest and produce», explains the association.

«In addition to the Sun and the Sea, the Algarve also has in the products of its Land a real social and economic wealth. Figs and dried fruits from the barrocal, orange from Silves, sweet potato from Aljezur, arbutus and honey from the Algarve mountains are just some of the gifts that this land presents to us. It is impossible to discover the Algarve without smelling, tasting and tasting its regional products, which are often relegated to the background of the mass tourism that is promoted here».

For all these reasons, Teia D'Impulsos «launched itself on the challenge of immersing itself in the products of our Earth, in a small contribution to demonstrate the enormous social and economic wealth that these can represent in our present and in the future of those to come».

As usual, the debate will be recorded in audio format, and then broadcast, on a deferred basis, by Rádio Costa D'Oiro on the program “Impulso”, in its editions of 10 and 17 May, between 20 and 22:00.

The IX episode of Teia d'Ideias is already scheduled, which will take place on June 6 and will be under the theme “The Sea – Business Opportunity”.

More information about this and other initiatives of the Teia D'Impulsos Association at or through the e-mail [email protected].