Faro is the only EPE Hospital in the country to pay its suppliers within 60 days

The Central Hospital of Faro is the only EPE Hospital in the country to pay its suppliers within 60 days, […]

The Central Hospital of Faro it is the only EPE Hospital in the country to pay its suppliers within 60 days, currently, "with no cuts in the supply of medicines, therefore, no harm to users".

This was verified on the 28th by the three Algarve deputies of the PSD - Mendes Bota, Elsa Cordeiro and Cristóvão Norte -, who visited the hospital and met with the administration, which is a practice they claim to maintain regularly until end of his term.

From their visit, they made a very positive assessment of the management of the new administration, in the rationalization of its resources, which, in the opinion of the deputies, "is on the right path in the pursuit of improving the quality of services and in the defense of a national health service Of Quality".

In the context of the 35 hospitals of the National Health Service, which reported their accounts to the Central Administration of the Health System for the month of March, the Central Hospital of Faro obtained a positive operating result of more than one million three hundred thousand euros, figures that "certify the good performance of its management".

In this month of May, the HCF started to remove all stretchers from the corridors, so that, for the first time in many years, there is no longer any hospitalization on stretchers in these spaces of passage. the stretchers in the corridors of the emergency service, due to the extension of this service to a new space with 550 square meters, an investment that will cost 450.000 euros and which will provide this service with 26 stretchers and nine emergency chairs.

«For more than 20 years this situation lasted, and it was a black spot that weakened the image of the Central Hospital of Faro and from the Algarve region», stress the deputies in a press release.

One of the problems pointed out by the hospital administration has to do with the lack of a stable medical staff, which is one of the great future goals.

Recently, the HCF hired 50 nurses and 30 operational assistants, and these tenders were approved by the Ministry of Health and Finance, but this was only possible after measures were taken to rationalize overtime.

The Hospital of Faro, being the largest employer in the southern region of the country, "if you spend correctly, you can bet more on human resources and contribute to the offer of employment in a region so affected by the scourge of unemployment."

This hospital unit has a structure with 2.400 employees, capacity for about 500 admissions, performs 500 consultations daily, with more than 6.000 people meeting in this space per day, which reveals the importance of the Hospital de Faro for the regional and local economy.

During the visit of the three Algarve deputies of the PSD, it was visible that “the internal reorganization carried out recently has substantially improved the services provided by the Hospital de Faro».

At the end of this visit, Mendes Bota, Elsa Cordeiro and Cristóvão Norte, saluting the good management standards at the service of a better public health service for the benefit of the Algarveans and visitors today in force at the Central Hospital of Faro, claim to remain “faithful to their commitment to fight for the construction of the new Central Hospital of the Algarve, as soon as the country's financial conditions allow”.