Transport, parking, signs and green spaces need improvement in Portimão

Climate, gastronomy and safety are the main reasons that lead foreign people to choose the Algarve to visit and […]

Climate, gastronomy and safety are the main reasons that lead foreign people to choose the Algarve to visit and live, and in particular the city of Portimão. These motivations were mentioned in unison by the participants in the seventh episode of the monthly cycle of debates Teia D'Ideias, this time under the theme “Portimão – Seen by outsiders”, which took place at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes, last Wednesday. fair.

This debate of the cycle promoted by Teia D'Impulsos – Social, Cultural and Sports Association was attended by Clive Jewell and Ana Sofia Bono (British Consulate), Michael Reeve (AFPOP – Association of Foreign Owners in Portugal). Fiona Tannock (England – owner of the Helen Doron English School for Children), Manfred Kickmaier (Austria – Executive Chef of the Vila Vita Park Hotel restaurant) and even Retha Scheffer (Rhodesia, currently Zimbabwe – Beautician).

Despite the experiences and knowledge of the participants, it was possible to draw some suggestions for improvement for the city of Portimão and for the Algarve in order to make it an even more attractive place for visitors and residents.

The suggestions include improving the public transport system by promoting integrated management, implementing measures aimed at revitalizing the city center and especially the historic area, offering, for example, the first two or three hours of parking for free. (a measure that would greatly help local businesses), improve signage in the city and renovate and create more green and sporting spaces for families and young people.

Suggestions that, as usual, can now be listened to on a deferred basis, on Rádio Costa D'Oiro, on the program “Impulso”, on its April 19 edition, between 20pm and 22pm.

But this wasn't just a night full of ideas. During the break, the get-together was offered with the flavors of the Tapas & Wine Bar by Chef Guram and Delta.

The 8th episode of Teia d'Ideias is already scheduled, as always in an organization of the Teia D'Impulsos association, in partnership with the Municipality of Portimão, Rádio Costa D'Oiro and the Etic_Algarve school that will take place on the 9th. May and will be under the theme “Products of our land – a socio-economic wealth”.

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