Da Fóia will also be able to see Monchique

Fóia is known for being a viewpoint in the Algarve, but in Monchique, little is seen from the top of the 902 […]

Fóia is known for being a viewpoint in the Algarve, but in Monchique, little is seen from the top of the 902 meter high. However, soon this will change. Fóia will also become a privileged viewpoint on the customs, traditions, fauna and flora of the municipality, where the highest point south of the Tagus stands, with the opening to the public of an interpretive center, which was presented last year. Friday.

On the day of the official visit of the Secretary of State for Tourism to the municipality of Monchique, more details were learned about the Fóia Interpretive Centre, a project that Rui André, president of the Chamber, has been trying to implement for some time and which, according to the mayor, should advance in the next six months.

«This was an idea that has been matured and is, at this stage, in a public tender, so we have six months for its implementation. Within that time limit, we will have this space open to the public», said Rui André.

Fóia is the most visited point in the municipality of Monchique and, therefore, the location of the interpretive center turns out to be, for the mayor, an obvious choice. «It was almost mandatory that Fóia, which is already the most visited place in the county, had an information space there so that those who go there get to know Monchique. This space will be a showcase so that, from there, people can visit the county».

However, the Fóia Interpretive Center will be more than a physical space. Rui André wants the new valence to be used to develop various activities that can help preserve the customs and traditions of the Algarve mountains.

“We want to organize a monthly workshop in that location. A “knowing how to do” workshop, where we propose that our artisans participate, so that a photographic and video record of these moments can be made, and then placed in a book. This allows us that the activities that will be demonstrated there – such as the construction of mud walls, lace, honey… – can be “explored”, not only from a tourist point of view, but also from a technical point of view, to that employment in these areas can be boosted».


Route of distilleries was also presented

In addition to the Fóia Interpretive Centre, the route of the distilleries was also presented on Friday. 33 producers of aguardente de medronho enter the 2012 edition of a tour that aims to make known the manufacturing process of one of the most characteristic products of the Algarve mountains.

«On the route of distilleries, 33 producers are presented, but not all. This is the 2012 edition and, in 2013, there will be more», says the Monchique mayor, who explains the reason for launching this route.

«The distilleries route aims to make these idyllic spaces known, where the “alchemists of arbutus” work and allows people to enjoy the aromas and all that ceremonial surrounding the production of arbutus. These are important and unique moments and it is only by experiencing the smells and talking and getting involved with people that it is possible to get to know this culture that makes us different», concludes Rui André.