Câmara de Aljezur grants an extraordinary subsidy of 25 thousand euros to the Volunteer Fire Brigade

The Aljezur City Council decided to award an extraordinary subsidy of 25 thousand euros to the Humanitarian Association of Voluntary Firefighters […]

The Municipality of Aljezur decided to allocate an extraordinary subsidy of 25 thousand euros to the Humanitarian Association of Voluntary Firemen of the village, «in order to allow it to continue to ensure its mission of relief and support to the population with the levels of quality, commitment and operability to that has always got us used to it».

The local authority announced that, despite its own financial difficulties, common to all Chambers in the country, it decided to grant this subsidy, as the "association faces enormous financial difficulties that jeopardize its mission", and because it recognizes that Volunteer Firefighters of Aljezur are “an important partner to the municipality, playing a fundamental and essential role in supporting the population and especially the most disadvantaged”.

In a press release, the City Council of Aljezur also states that “the important role of the Fire Brigade is now recognized by society in general. Humanitarian associations of firefighters, as institutions of public interest, play an extremely important role in the prevention and protection of populations».

«The Voluntary Firefighters are, therefore, an indispensable basic structure of Portuguese society, so the country cannot afford to ignore them, especially when there are no disasters. Men and women who expose their lives to save public and private goods, as well as the lives of their fellow citizens, cannot be ignored. They are, therefore, one of the highest collective expressions of human solidarity, visible in organized society», continues the municipality.

«The role of volunteering, its exemplary civic self-sacrifice and courage, should therefore be valued, from the outset by the relief actions they guarantee in terms of road accidents, fire fighting and all sorts of natural and industrial disasters, as well as in pre-hospital emergency and transport of patients or water supply to the population and help for shipwrecked people», adds the press release.

«Governors, at any level, cannot resign from their responsibility, to guarantee the minimum conditions of operation and operation, despite the socioeconomic context in which we live. Municipalities, like the rest of society, are living in difficult times, with fewer and fewer resources at their disposal», he continues.

«We therefore have, in view of this new reality, to reinvent new models of governance, guided by rigor in the management of public affairs. Efficiency, effectiveness and quality must always be present in our actions», concludes the City Council of Aljezur.