Albufeira Council delivers vehicle to the Volunteer Fire Department (with photos)

The mayor of Albufeira, Desidério Silva yesterday handed over the keys to the new vehicle of the Albufeira Voluntary Firemen, […]

The mayor of Albufeira, Desidério Silva, yesterday handed over the keys to the new vehicle of the Albufeira Volunteer Fire Department, to the commander of the Humanitarian Association Luís Zeferino.

The ceremony was closely followed by Filipe Lobo D´Ávila, Secretary of State for Internal Administration, who traveled to the council for a working meeting with the local mayor.

The tactical command vehicle – with off-road features and equipped with an innovative communication system – joined the 28 existing operational vehicles, contributing to reducing the lack of technical resources in the area of ​​protection and assistance.

This is the first phase of the transfer of equipment acquired by the municipalities to the fire brigades, under the application promoted by Amal (Intermunicipal Community of Algarve) to PO Algarve 21 (Regional Operational Program of the Algarve), which has an investment of 4 million euros, 60 percent co-financed by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).

The project is part of a regional strategy aimed at providing the 17 fire brigades with new technical means in the area of ​​protection and relief. The vehicles now transferred are thus part of one of the three equipment components to be acquired by the municipalities by the end of the first half of 2013.

In addition to the tactical operational command vehicle (VCOT), the municipality will also acquire individual protection equipment for forest and urban fires.

After visiting the premises of the local corporation, Filipe Lobo D'Ávila highlighted the important role that the Municipality plays in supporting the Association and which is reflected in its effective operation. "We are aware of the difficulties experienced by the Volunteer Fire Brigade and we are working to find solutions tailored to each municipality", said the government official, who defends the creation of a new financing model for corporations, "that takes into account the risks, cohesion territory and the provision of services in each municipality”.

In his speech, Desidério Silva was satisfied with the visit of the Secretary of State to the municipality: “It is essential that the Government demonstrates interest in knowing the specificity of each municipality and the needs of each corporation, so that it realizes the immense effort undertaken. by all those who integrate and support the Fire Brigade”.

The municipality annually allocates a financial contribution to the Voluntary Fire Brigade, within the scope of the existing collaboration protocol. This financial support is intended to face the difficulties experienced by the non-profit institution, ensuring the operability and speed of response of its means of security of people and goods.

“The Municipal Council of Albufeira has been tireless in supporting the Association, which has allowed us to honor some commitments”, highlighted Commander Luís Zeferino.

In 2011, the amount allocated reached a total of 460 thousand euros, which demonstrates the recognition by the Municipality of the social importance of the services provided by Firefighters to all citizens.