“Portimão – Seen by outsiders” motivates new debate at Teia d'Ideias

“Portimão – Seen by outsiders” is the theme of the 7th episode of the monthly debate cycle Web […]

“Portimão – Seen by outsiders” is the theme of the 7th episode of the monthly debate cycle Teia D'Ideias, promoted by Teia D'Impulsos – Social, Cultural and Sports Association, in partnership with the Municipality of Portimão, the Rádio Costa D'Oiro and etic_algarve.

«Given an economic situation that makes us more and more pessimistic», Teia D'Impulsos considered important the «community involvement to realize that there are daily people migrating to our region and city. People who envision, in the Algarve and especially in Portimão, a place where it's good to live».

Therefore, stresses the association, «understanding the motivations of these communities and listening to their experiences and knowledge on how to improve our daily lives, is the objective of this debate».

These are the main ingredients for the debate of ideas that will take place at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes, in Portimão, at 21 pm on April 00th.

This 7th episode of Teia D'Ideias will feature on the panel discussion Javier Rodriguez-Vera (Spanish Consulate), Clive Jewell and Ana Sofia Bono (British Consulate) and Michael Reeve (AFPOP – Association of Foreign Owners in Portugal).

This gathering will also be attended by Fiona Tannock (England – Owner of an English school for children Helen Doron), Manfred Kickmaier (Germany – Executive Chef of the Vila Vita Park Hotel restaurant), Retha Scheffer (Rhodesia – Beautician) and Willem Henelrik Larthaus (Netherlands – owner of the restaurant “Dutch of Caracóis”).

Teia D'Impulsos will be represented on the panel by Luís António. The moderation of the brainstorming will once again be in charge of Nuno Silva.

The meeting is open to all interested parties, who will be able to watch it live and actively participate in the debate.

It will also be possible to follow the main events of the get-together through the Facebook page of Teia D'Impulsos.

The coffee break of this 7th episode will be supported by Tapas & Wine Bar by Chef Guram and Delta.

As usual, the debate will be recorded in audio format, and later broadcast, on a deferred basis, by Rádio Costa D'Oiro on the program “Impulso”, in its editions of 12 and 19 April, between 20 and 22:00.

The 8th episode of Teia d'Ideias is already scheduled, which will take place on May 9th and will be under the theme “Products of our land – a socio-economic wealth”.

More information about this and other initiatives of the Teia D'Impulsos Association at www.teiadimpulsos.pt or through the e-mail [email protected].