Teia d'Impulsos celebrates its 1st anniversary and presents new projects

The Teia D'Impulsos association will present to the community, on the weekend of March 17th and 18th, a vast […]

The Teia D'Impulsos association will present to the community, on the weekend of March 17th and 18th, a vast program of activities to celebrate its first anniversary, which is marked on the 16th.

The celebrations begin at 15:00 on Saturday, the 17th, with the opening of “KiosK ComVida”. This project, which is part of March Young, aims at the rehabilitation and dynamization of an abandoned kiosk in the center of Portimão, with the main aim of taking young people to the city center and contributing to its revitalization.

The “KiosK ComVida” will house the kiosk located at Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque (crossing with Avenida S. João de Deus) and will host various activities throughout the Young March, being also open for use by other associations during this period .

In the vicinity of Kiosk ComVida, at 16 pm, the first edition of the project “Young Ideas for an Active City” will take place, also included in the program of the Young March.

The objective is, according to the direction of Teia d'Impulsos, to dynamize a space for debate and gatherings, especially dedicated to the city's youth, in order to give them the opportunity to present their ideas to Portimão on various topics.

This first edition will be dedicated to “Young Ideas for Culture in Portimão” and will feature on the guest panel of Sandro William Junqueira

(Writer, actor and director), Leandro Arez (Musician), Inês Barracha (Visual Artist), João Bota (Actor and Director of the Children's Theater of Portimão) and Carla Vieira (Historian).

The afternoon will also be filled with the presentation of the book a piano for tall horses by Sandro William Junqueira and by the music of Leandro Arez.

At 20:00 on March 17, the commemorative dinner of the 1st anniversary of Teia D'Impulsos will be held, especially dedicated to all associates, partners and sponsors of the association, but also open to all who want to join this Web to celebrate your birthday. Entries can be made through the email [email protected] until the 15th of March.

The following day will be totally dedicated to the official presentation of the 2nd year of existence of “Vela Solidária”. The program, which will take place at the Portimão Marina, will include, in the morning, sailing activities with the young women of Casa da Nossa Senhora da Conceição and sailing activities adapted for people with physical disabilities.

Starting at 14 pm, it will be the turn of children and young people from Lar Bom Samaritano and Lar A Catraia to join the project.

During the afternoon, sailing activities for partners and guests of the “Solidarity Candle".

The program for the 1st Anniversary of Teia D'Impulsos will close at 18:00 on Sunday, with the official presentation of “Vela Solidária 2012” to partners, guests and the press that will take place at the In Aqua Soil.

More information about this and other initiatives of the Teia D'Impulsos Association at www.teiadimpulsos.pt or through email [email protected].

On March 16, 2011, Associação Teia D'Impulsos was created, a non-profit association that emerged in Portimão with the mission of promoting cultural, recreational, training, sports and other fields open to the community, aiming at development human, social and cultural population, centering its activity in the city of Portimão where it has its headquarters.

Projects like the "Portimão's Petisco Route", the “Solidarity Candle” or the cycle of debates "Web of Ideas" marked this first year of activity, contributing to Teia D'Impulsos having assumed a dynamic role in the local associative movement.