hospital of Faro will go “hunting” for stroke in the market

Hospital Health Professionals Faro they will go “hunting” for symptoms of cerebrovascular accident (CVA) and will look for […]

Hospital Health Professionals Faro They will go “hunting” for symptoms of cerebrovascular accident (CVA) and will seek to sensitize the population to the care to be taken to avoid this disease on March 31, which marks the National Day of Patients with Stroke.

Screenings, counseling and awareness sessions will be promoted in the Market and Faro from 8 am and there will also be space for a Session on Stroke with discussion of topics related to health, disease, diet and exercise, to take place from 15 pm in the auditorium of the Hospital de Faro.

The Algarve hospital unit thus joins the initiatives promoted on this day by the Portuguese Society of AVC. In Faro, the sessions will feature professionals from various sectors, including doctors, psychologists, social workers, nurses, therapists, dieticians, cardiopulmonology technicians and technical assistants.

All initiatives are aimed at the general population and anyone can take tests that allow the assessment of blood pressure, heart rate, body mass index, waist circumference, blood glucose and cholesterol.

«At the same time, health professionals will also be available to carry out risk assessments and counseling users, as well as to disseminate information and distribute information leaflets on healthy eating, exercise, diabetes, stroke urgency, signs and symptoms », added, in a statement, the Hospital of Faro.