Tavira Municipal Firefighters Add 124 Years of Community Service

This Wednesday, the 22nd, the Municipal Fire Department of Tavira marked its 124th Anniversary with a public ceremony and the integration [...]

This Wednesday, the 22nd, the Municipal Firefighters of Tavira marked their 124th Anniversary with a public ceremony and the integration of six new recruits into the corporation, after twelve months of training administered by the Escola Nacional de Bombeiros.

In the presence of countless local and regional personalities, Municipal Fire Brigade commander Miguel Silva reaffirmed the “commitment of the recent past: to serve the Citizen and the Community”, stressing that “the city of Tavira and the Algarve have always been able to count on our total availability , dedication, professionalism and willingness to serve the public cause well”, achieved in five thousand interventions per year.

Taking stock of the operational activity, the head of the corporation underlined the permanent "search for best practices to overcome the challenges that uncertainty and the growing complexity of the changing world and society pose", allowing "many lives to be saved by these professionals, many were the buildings, and goods spared the flames, the water, the misfortune.”

In this domain, it is worth mentioning the strong commitment to the initial and ongoing training of staff professionals, in close cooperation with the National School of Firefighters and with the Lisbon Firefighters Regiment, or the presence in professional competitions, such as the one where a team of Tavira firefighters took second place in the category of extrication and rescue.

On the other hand, Miguel Silva underlined the permanent effort to renew the institutional image, highlighting the completion of the promotion processes of its staff, the professional integration of three elements in customer service and communications, and the entry of these six new firefighters in these two years , the presence in the framework of the 1st female element and the representation of our body at national and international level, in addition to the articulation with the various Civil Protection Agents and collaboration with the most diverse entities in the preparation of exercises and drills.

In the final intervention, the Mayor of Tavira manifested his pride in the capacity and dedication of the members of the corporation, underlining the permanent effort of the Municipality to provide them with the best working conditions and guarantee their full operability, praising the extraordinary example of professionalism and technical competence, evidenced by the excellent operational results of the last two years, both in the area of ​​health and in the permanent support to the population, as well as in the prevention and combat of forest fires.

Jorge Botelho also underlined the level of response of the command team to the challenges posed by the current Municipal Executive and its identification with its guidelines, in a logic of total cooperation with all parishes in the municipality and with the generality of Civil Protection agents .