Portimão: «Humanizing the city center revitalizes it and makes it safer»

  “There cannot be a dynamic urban center without young people, entrepreneurs, social facilities and added value” defended Isabel Guerreiro, councilor […]


«There cannot be a dynamic urban center without young people, entrepreneurs, social facilities and added value» defended Isabel Guerreiro, councilor of the Portimão City Council, in the debate on the theme «Revitalize Portimão – Perspeto the city center», promoted this Wednesday by the association Teia d'Impulsos.

The mayor, one of the guests of this V episode of the debate cycle «Web of Ideas», which took place at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes, in the heart of the city, added that «pin Europe there are more flexible planning instruments and in Portugal there has to be an adaptation of national legislation. Urban rehabilitation legislation must be improved. It cannot happen every time a government changes, that everything is revoked and legislated again».

In a room that was sold out, the debate was kept alive for more than three hours. Teia D'Impulsos brought to the table a theme that is special to it, since it is one of the greatest foundations of its existence – activating, mobilizing, recreating life and bringing people closer to the city.

The need to change the habits of the population was also very explicit – putting aside the selfishness of having easy access to travel by car, taking advantage of the situation of reduced income with rising fuel prices and returning to walking, cycling, in group and to revive city spaces, defending their existence.

“Humanizing the city center revitalizes it, makes it safer and rightly empowered by its population” was one of the conclusions of the debate.

Organized by Teia d'Impulsos – Social, Cultural and Sports Association, in partnership with the Municipality of Portimão, Rádio Costa D'Oiro and the etic_algarve school, the debate began at 21 pm, with the room being sold out, and it remained well lit for over three hours, interrupted only by the usual “sweet moment”, provided by Delta Cafés and this time by the delicacies presented by the Essência e Bom Gosto restaurant.

The panel discussion for this debate was attended by Isabel Guerreiro (City Councilor of Portimão), João Rosado (Association of Commerce and Services of the Algarve Region – ACRAL), João Saúde (Commercial Association of Portimão), Carlos Pinto (PSP commissioner of Portimão) and Carlos Pacheco (Boa Esperança Atlético Clube Portimonense).

The audience was attended by guests Rui Oliveira (Association of Residents of Largo Gil Eanes), Pascoal Santos (Real Estate Agent) and Ricardo Santos and Mário da Luz (Academic Association of Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes), contributing their testimonies about the theme, having been largely followed up with the active participation of several citizens who did not miss the opportunity to express their concerns, opinions and ideas about the necessary and urgent revitalization of the city center of Portimão.

Having as an introduction to the debate the presentation of images of the city captured on a Saturday afternoon, the reaction of discouragement provoked by the participants in this debate was notorious, and it was a good impetus for the reasons for a state of “population abandonment” to be pointed out and ideas launched. to minimize them.

Thus, it should be remembered that it is necessary to promote a city policy, facilitating financing for private individuals to rehabilitate properties, as was shown by Isabel Guerreiro.

Still with regard to real estate, there is a lack of conscience in people who put their vacant properties for sale, for a price similar to recent properties and with better spaces and accessibility, built on the periphery.

In the voice of Pascoal Santos, architect and real estate agent, this is one of the reasons for the lack of demand for the center, which is considered to be very unattractive.

The need to counter the relocation of services and commerce in the center was another approach to the debate, with João Rosado referring that the future installation of a Citizen's Shop in the center of Portimão would be an important anchor for the movement of people in the city.

In the commerce sector, the opinion was unanimous with regard to the responsibility of shopkeepers and also here it was considered that there is a need to change the attitude and mentality from a perspective of, for example, making opening hours more flexible, improving the offer depending on the hours and the needs of the resident and visiting population.

João Saúde recognized that there is still a lot of work to be done in this area, mainly in arousing the interest and commitment of most traders.

At the end of this night's review, which was lit up with debate, the need to change the habits of the population was also made clear – put aside the selfishness of having easy access to travel by car, take advantage of the situation of reduced incomes with rising fuel prices and come back walking, cycling, in groups and reliving city spaces, defending their existence.

As usual, the debate was extended to those who follow the get-together on Facebook through live publications, as well as being fully recorded in audio format, to be broadcast, in deferred, by Rádio Costa D'Oiro in the program “Impulso”, in its editions of February 9th and 16th, between 20pm and 22pm.

The 6th episode of Teia d'Ideias is already scheduled, which will take place on March 7th and will be under the theme “Mobility vs Accessibility – The vision of those who need it”.

More information about this and other initiatives of Associação Teia d'Impulsos in www.teiadimpulsos.pt or through email [email protected].