Enrollment is already open for the 5th Via Algarviana crossing

Registration for the 5th Via Algarviana Crossing is already open, once again in an organization from Almargem – […]

Registration for the 5th Via Algarviana Crossing is now open, once again in an organization by Almargem – Association for the Defense of the Algarve's Cultural and Environmental Heritage. This year, in the direction of Cabo de S. Vicente-Alcoutim, the crossing will be carried out in the Pedestrian, Pedestrian with pack donkeys and BTT modalities.

Thus, the pedestrian crossing is scheduled for the 24th of March to the 6th of April, the pedestrian crossing will be between the 27th of March and the 6th of April and the mountain bike crossing will be made between the 2nd and 6th of April. In other words, on the last day all participants will meet in Alcoutim.

Hikers will make the journey in 14 days, starting on March 24, covering one sector a day while the Bettistas cover the 300 kilometers in five days.

On March 27 it will be the turn of the participants of the pedestrian modality in pack donkeys to meet in Alte and the next day they will start the route along the Via Algarviana to Alcoutim.

Applications for pedestrian and mountain biking can be made exclusively through the online form available at www.viaalgarviana.org (Entries via email or telephone are not accepted).

As for registrations in the pedestrian modality with pack donkeys, please contact Sofia von Mentzingen, from the company Burros & Artes, via email [email protected], from the telephone number 282 998 331 or the mobile telephone number 967 145 306.

Enrollments for the Travessia da Via Algarviana 2012 are open until March 31 (or until the available places are exhausted) and are limited to 15 people per day (pedestrian crossing), minimum 5 people/day and maximum 15 people/day (pedestrian crossing with workhorses), or 30 people/day (Mountain bike/MTB).

Registration costs eight euros per day, including insurance, luggage transport and informal accommodation (sleeping bag in a place designated by the organization), when available.

In the case of informal accommodation, as these are provided by the communities, there may be a request for a donation to these communities.

According to Almargem, the informal accommodations that will be used in this 5th crossing are:

1- Vila do Bispo: (Pedestrian): EB 2,3 of Vila do Bispo

2- Bensafrim: (Pedestrian): Clube Estrela Desportiva de Bensafrim

3- Marmelete (Pedestrian and BTT): Casa do Povo (Donation)

4- Monchique (Pedestrian): Municipal Sports Pavilion

5- Silves (Pedestrian and BTT); Volunteer Fire Brigade (Donation)

6- São Bartolomeu de Messines: (Pedestrian): Casa do Povo, value/person: 10 euros in bunk beds; 5 euros on the floor.

7- Alte (Pedestrian): Loulé City Council Space

8- Salir (Pedestrian and BTT) EBI,2,3 de Salir

9- Barranco do Velho (Pedestrian) Serra do Caldeirão Social Solidarity Institute, value: 5 euros

10- Cachopo (Pedestrian): Center for the Discovery of the Rural World of Casas Baixas, managed by the Associação in Loco: 14 euros

11- Vaqueiros (Pedestrian and BTT) Parish Council Hall, bath in the Clube Desportivo de Vaqueiros spa (donative)

12- Furnazinhas (Pedestrian): Pavilion of the Irrigation Cooperative: 5 euros

13- Balurcos (Pedestrian): Balurcos Solidarity Association: 5 euros

For these informal accommodations, the participants are responsible for the overnight material (bed bags, mattresses/mats), as well as the personal hygiene material.

Meals are not included in the registration fee. However, the organization proposes menus for the dinner that will be presented in due time to the participants, who are free to choose the organization's option. The price of these dinners should not exceed 15 euros.

Dinners will also be subject to prior reservation, so the participant must inform the organization at least one week (7 days) in advance of the start date of the 5th crossing of Via Algarviana (24 March).

The organization guarantees and offers to all participants the transportation of luggage between stages, with a limit of 20 kilos and two volumes per participant, duly identified.

The organization guarantees and offers to all participants the transport of their person and their bicycle (if you use it on the crossing) on ​​the last day from Alcoutim to Cabo de S.Vicente.

For more information, please consult the regulation of the activity available at http://www.viaalgarviana.org ou www.almargem.org .

This 5th Via Algarviana Crossing, as always promoted by the Almargem association, is sponsored by REN, Vila Vita Parc, CGD's “Sempre por Maus Caminhos” Mountaineering Group, as well as with the support of Apolónia Supermercados, some municipalities and boards of partner parishes, Extremo Sul, MegaSport, Jaffers Supermarkets, Moinho de Cachopo, Frutas Guerreiro and Associação Orelhas Sem Fronteiras.


What is the Via Algarviana?

A Via Algarviana it is a long-distance walking route (300 km), classified as Grande Route (GR13).

It starts in Alcoutim, next to the Guadiana, and ends at Cape S. Vicente, in Vila do Bispo, passing through the mountains of Caldeirão and Monchique. It crosses essentially forest areas and villages in the interior of the Algarve, where many of the rural traditions that the project intends to make known still persist.