Mayor of VRSA goes to Spain to sign agreement with Real Madrid Foundation

The municipality of Vila Real de Santo António will formalize, next Monday, January 30th, with the Foundation […]

The municipality of Vila Real de Santo António will formalize, next Monday, January 30th, with the Real Madrid Foundation, the official start of the activities of the sports school for the social integration of the Madrid emblem in the districts of VRSA and Castro Marim.

The agreement will be signed in Madrid, at 13:30 pm, at the Santiago Barnabéu Stadium, by the Mayor of VRSA Luís Gomes, and by the President of Real Madrid, D. Florentino Pérez.

The deputy president of the Real Madrid Foundation, D. Enrique Sánchez, will also be present at the ceremony, as well as a player from the main meringues team.

Although the agreement is only now being made official, the municipality has been preparing the bases for the start of the Foundation's activities for several months, having already constituted the classes, defined timetables and stipulated work methodologies.

The tasks are being carried out in conjunction with the municipality of Castro Marim, since the socio-sports school is common to both municipalities, which is why the map of classes is divided between the two municipalities.

This, which was the first Real Madrid school to start its activity, has five classes, encompasses the modalities of Football and Basketball and involves 135 students between 6 and 11 years old.

Classes take place in the locations of Monte Gordo (football), Vila Nova de Cacela (basketball), Vila Real de Santo António (football and basketball) and Castro Marim (basketball).

The 135 students already enrolled are coordinated by six technicians (four in VRSA and two in Castro Marim).

The training of those responsible took place at the VRSA sports complex, in September, where technicians from the other three socio-sports schools that will start operating in the country were also present (Vila Nova de Gaia, Manique and Funchal). The activity was conducted by a Real Madrid trainer.

a social project

In addition to the motor aspect, the Fundação Real Madrid sports school for social integration in Vila Real de Santo António e Castro Marim aims to offer leisure alternatives to children in risk situations, contributing to the development of their personality.

On the other hand, it aims to encourage healthy ways of life and instill in young people identified by partner entities values ​​such as solidarity, team spirit or the promotion of ethical values.

Parents, teachers and technicians actively collaborate

In order to guarantee an integrated monitoring of the young people, the work of the trainers is carried out in parallel with the teachers, health centers and guardians, who will be periodically called to know the path taken by their students.

In addition, the methodologies applied aim to reward merit and take into account factors such as school grades, behavior, as well as the attendance of students to attend the foundation's activities.