Toll yes, but…

Tolls on Via do Infante cost more than they bill. Why? In any European country, who makes the calculations […]

Tolls on Via do Infante cost more than they bill. Why?

In any European country, civil society or the government is responsible for calculating tolls, traffic expectations, user-friendliness, after listening to it. Anyone who works with tourism knows that it is not paying the toll or not, but its value and, above all, the ease of paying 'later' that counts.

Everyone knew that usage on the A22 would drop. Only the naive, to show obedience to the troika, made entirely wrong calculations. Everyone knows that there are several systems for tolls and currently the most important is that it is not reported to the producer, but to the consumer. It doesn't matter if the user has used 22 or 25 km, he doesn't want to have to look for cents, the price must be for a whole euro or a half.

When tourists enter the Algarve or Portugal, they still don't know how many kilometers they will travel on the highways, they want to have the freedom to choose; you don't want to stop and buy a one-day or three-day ticket in advance.

There is no need for the resident in the area to take all those documents and overload the CTT, when the vehicle registration offers all these data. Now, the current system is completely outdated. The correct thing is for the user to use as much as they need and pay at the end. If tolls are vital for the government, the user should not pay for the device.

If the government wants to receive more to pay for the costly maintenance services of the scuts, it is much easier to raise a minimum car tax, which, compared to Northern Europe, is still very low.

The correct thing is to do as there, the maintenance is contracted at the regional level for each municipality, only with local companies. This would make this cost drop 35%.

And the promises to only toll after improvements on the EN125? What about not raising taxes? Or toll will be no worse than imposed, because a useless inconvenience was also imposed!

Don't worry, this government doesn't make it past March and there it is!

YES, THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE to the financier troika and to retrograde systems!