Lagos Cultural Center hosts theater, music and dance

Theatre, Music and Dance will be highlighted in the auditorium of the Centro Cultural de Lagos (CCL), in the next 10 days […]

Theatre, Music and Dance will be highlighted in the auditorium of the Centro Cultural de Lagos (CCL), on February 10th and 11th, at 21:30 pm.

On the 10th, the theater show «Laço de Sangue» will be presented by ACTA – The Algarve Theater Company, which addresses the issue of race and caste, issues that have often been addressed over time.

On the 11th, CCL is filled with rhythm and color with the group Beth Nahrin, which presents music from the Maghreb and the Middle East. This show, which will also feature an oriental dancer, closes the 12th edition of the well-known Al-Mutamid Music Festival.

Interested parties can obtain their tickets in the 7 days prior to the date of these shows. Find out about the modalities available at the Cultural Center ticket office.


Day 10 | "BLOOD LACE"

Two brothers, children of the same mother, one light-skinned and the other dark-skinned, try to alleviate the tedium of their existence by buying a newspaper so that Zach, dark-skinned and illiterate, can get a correspondent.

By getting a white correspondent, in South Africa under apartheid, a dangerous game is created, where the two brothers begin to enact the great drama of the color barrier, with all the fears and hatreds, locked in a fact and a different skin. In the game, Fugard speaks not only of the blood tie between the two brothers, but of the blood knot between all men. The knot of blood that has been twisted or broken by the terrible consciousness of race and caste has been a major problem that spans centuries.

The author
Athol Fugard is the son of an Anglo-Afrikaner couple. Drops out of university and decides to run the World. He returned to South Africa in the late 50s, becoming a court clerk. It is in this role that he realizes the humiliations suffered by blacks.

He then launches into a civically committed theatrical production, where ethics, freedom and equality are major themes. Participates in the action of the renowned theatrical group Serpent Players, which performs exclusively in front of black audiences in the ghettos of white industrial cities.

4€ (50% discount with youth card, over 65, under 12 and via green)
Family Pack – 4 tickets (10% less), 2 adults and 2 children/youth
Group Pack - from the 6th ticket, 10% discount, on the total amount
Pack Offer – on the purchase of the 8th ticket, offer on the 9th.

Day 11 | Al-Mutamid Music Festival

The Al-Mutamid Music Festival closes its 12th edition in Lagos, with the group BETH NAHRIN (Syria/Morocco), which presents a new format based on music from the Maghreb and the Middle East.

The group's repertoire is based on music from countries as diverse as: Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Syria or Tunisia and on oriental dance that transports us to the far east with its sensual rhythms from the courts of caliphs and sultans.

Beth Nahrin has the participation of an oriental dancer who reflects in her expressive dances a whole source of color, exoticism and beauty, interpreted with elegance and sensuality.

Beth Nahrin (Syria / Morocco) is based on Middle Eastern music and oriental dance.

Hicham Kheiri: violin
Salagh Sabbagh: darbouka
Abdessalam: nay and kanún
Christy Prieto: oriental dance

Tickets: €10 (single price)