Rugby Clube de Loulé wins and loses in weekend matches

The women's team of Rugby Clube de Loulé (RCL) beat Beira Mar 40-0, but lost to Vitória […]

The women's team of Rugby Clube de Loulé (RCL) beat Beira Mar by 40-0, but lost to Vitória de Setúbal, by 5-10, while the Loulé under-18s beat CRUP, by tangential 13-12, in games played over the weekend.

In the game between RCL and Beira Mar, in the first half, the Algarve team was out of focus and made many mistakes. In the second half, a different team appeared, circulating the ball well and scoring six trials in seven minutes.

They played for Loulé's team and scored the players Isabelle (5+5), Lizzie, Daniela, Tânia (5+5), Vanda (5), Raquel and Joana. They also played and scored: Vanessa (5+5), Laura, Bruna and Paula (5).

The match against Vitória de Setúbal was played with a lot of delivery on the part of the players from Loulé. The Loulé team started well in the game but then suffered two trials, eventually losing 5-10.

Isabelle, Daniela, Lizzie, Tânia (5), Vanda, Vanessa and Raquel, as well as Laura, played and scored.

In the under-18s, the RCL team presented itself in this game against CRU Portalegre with some casualties, three due to injury, and Daniel Mendonça, who is in Romania, as part of the Under-18 National Team.

Given the youth of the team, RCL was, in technical terms, a little below the match with Elvas, however, the players fought well, with the result ended up in favor of the Algarve team.

“For the most part, they have only just started this season and so, in technical terms they are still quite flawed, but in terms of delivery they gave everything they had. This is the main basis of the team's work, in terms of the athletes' dedication, dedication and commitment. Thus, the goals of the season are being brought to fruition, as with motivated athletes, the desire to learn and evolve is much greater», commented those responsible for the team.

The man of the game was chosen by three former players of the club, Pedro Antunes (who played the Midfielder and Center), Miguel Guerreiro (who played the 2nd and 3rd line) and Paulo Lampreia (who played the heel and 3rd line wing) .

After analysis, this trio pointed out four possible names to be named. Heeler Yohan Deroubaix, 3rd center row Christopher Allimaghan, pillar Ângelo Pereira (2 trials) and midfielder and Team Captain Bruno Mendonça (1 kick to the posts). The man of the game turned out to be Bruno Mendonça.

Angelo Pereira (5+5), Yohan Deroubaix, André Ameneiro, David Reis, Fábio Palmeira, Daniel Dionísio, Jacob Carter, Christopher Allimaghan, Bruno Mendonça (3), Jorge Farinha, Tomas Doré, André Godinho, Rui played and scored. Lourenço, Alexander and Gonçalo Cunha. José Catarino, Luis Sousa and Marco Mota also played.