PCP accuses the State Budget of forgetting the Alentejo

“The State Budget (OE) for 2012 completely forgets the region” of Alentejo. This is the opinion of João Ramos, […]

“The State Budget (OE) for 2012 completely forgets the region” of Alentejo. This is the opinion of João Ramos, PCP deputy elected by Beja, expressed yesterday at a press conference.

The discussion of the State Budget for 2012 in general begins this week. The PCP deputy elected by Beja said yesterday, at a press conference, that the Communist Party will vote against the OE in general, but he did not exclude the possibility of, in particular, voting in favor of some of the proposed points.

For the PCP, the Budget proposal "does not correspond to the interests of the Country" as it does not contain the bet that is "necessary to take the Country out of this situation, namely through national production and the valorization of work, since it is work that produces wealth”.

For João Ramos it is necessary to take “the first step” to take the country out of the crisis, but this “is not yet given in this Budget”.

The PCP understands that the OE “attacks those who work and protect the powerful” as well as “deepening the disaster in the region [Alentejo] and in the country”. For the communists, the way in which the Government presents the document “does not clarify, nor does it clarify”.

The PIDDAC framework regionalized by NUT III “disappeared”, and it is not possible to know what interventions are planned for the district of Beja, said João Ramos. The completion of the works of the Alqueva Multiple Purpose Enterprise, the fact that the Strategic Transport Plan completely forgets “completely the interests and needs of the region”, the cut in transfers to local authorities and parish councils are matters of concern to the deputy.

Because, he underlined, this budget presents “a reduction for Parishes of more than 370 thousand euros and for the Municipal Councils a reduction of more than 4 million and 800 thousand euros, not to mention the profound attack on democratic local power embodied in the Document Green of Local Administration Reform”.

João Ramos considers that the district has “a great wealth of subsoil and ore” which, like the potential of agriculture, “are outside the OE. For the elected communist, the Budget does not promote the “productive and even export potential of the region and district”.