Students of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Algarve promote Conferences

The XNUMXst Algarve Pharmaceutical Journey, under the theme "Valuing the Pharmacist in a Context of Change", will take place in the days […]

The 6st Algarve Pharmaceutical Journey, under the theme "Valuing the Pharmacist in a context of Change", will take place on December 7th and XNUMXth, at the University of Algarve's Gambelas Campus, in Faro.

The conferences are promoted by the Nucleus of Pharmaceutical Science Students of the University of Algarve (NECiFarm), an autonomous section of the Academic Association of the University of Algarve (AAUAlg) and member of the Portuguese Association of Pharmacy Students (APEF).

"The current socioeconomic situation and the recent austerity measures imposed by the Government in the area of ​​Health require a solid and sustained intervention by the Pharmacist, not only in the interpersonal relationship with the User, through the importance of Counseling, but also in terms of affirmation professional, through the enhancement of the Pharmaceutical Act”, stresses César Costa, of the Organizing Committee of the XNUMXst Pharmaceutical Journeys of the Algarve.

“The political-economic changes already mentioned and their implications, namely regarding the new drug pricing regime, threaten to jeopardize the sustainability of the Pharmacy Sector. In debate, both the Pharmacist and his intrinsic economic “value”, but above all, his involvement, as an indispensable agent in the reduction of expenses, will be discussed”, he adds.

“As Future Pharmacists, and considering the requirements of entry into the labor market, the need to draw a new type of profile, based on a proactive and entrepreneurial attitude, is imperative. Now, more than ever, as Pharmacy Students, the time has come for us to make a difference, in an entire current context that is approaching Change”, stresses César Costa.

This event will feature the participation of several renowned figures in the pharmaceutical sector, representing various institutional and business entities nationally and internationally, for which the organization expects “a high number of participants, from UAlg students, association directors from various Faculties of the country's Pharmacy, Health professionals, among others”.