Nostra cabbage

Apparently, and trusting a nationwide newspaper, there are green mobsters on the loose in our country! Sicily […]

Apparently, and trusting a nationwide newspaper, there are green mobsters on the loose in our country! Sicily is gnawing at you with envy: here sends the Cauliflower Nostra!

Everything indicates that they are rogues who, in the State and abroad, in the name of preserving the environment and a minimally decent future, complicate life by “wild duck” and the MMA law. Come on, they're mobsters. It even seems that some of these miscreants accompany and monitor the preservation of the environment in Portugal, reinforcing and assisting the action of state entities, on a voluntary basis – some people, who have never done anything in life without the prospect of profiting from it, find it strange. concept and slander it – without any remuneration (often investing out of their own pocket), sacrificing family time, leisure and friends. They almost look like citizens, the bandits!

Fortunately, they are green. They haven't matured yet. When that happens, then yes, we can worry. It's that they change to other colors, warmer, they arrange "godparents” grown ups and it's a must see, with deals and schemes far beyond the birds and little plants, not hesitating, for example, in ordering pieces of propaganda in journalistic brothels!

Yes, because it wasn't with "vegetables" that we arrived at a hollow country, where the 3 to 5% of its territory that is urbanized, whether due to lack of planning or poor management, compromise the coherence and integrity of natural systems, putting in I risk the very safety of people and goods, which pile up in piles of buildings (a city is much more than that), unsafe, unhealthy and senseless.

It wasn't also with "vegetables" that the best areas of the country, both in agricultural terms and in tourist terms, are destroyed by subdivisions, tourist enterprises, logistic platforms and unspeakable big tits that, after all, add nothing to the economy that really matters, and not that of statistics. Or is anyone surprised that the Algarve, a tourist “paradise”, is the Portuguese region that leads… in unemployment?

“Vegetables” were certainly not the secret of the sale of our landscape, an expression of our identity, for patacos. And not for the implantation of infrastructure or equipment destined to serve the common good, but for the interest and benefit of a few. We created public charges to support the privatization of these profits.

Faced with the onset of so many and huge enormities, the abject intention of ending the December 1st holiday becomes more noticeable: under the pretext of the crisis, the country is (even more) looting, sold at retail, and with a large “HELP YOURSELF” sign at the door.

Here's our biggest deficit, in a naked way: of intelligence, discernment, decency and shame in the face.

That's why we let ourselves go happily, like rats enchanted by the melody of the magic flute, to this crisis, caused by the lack of production and productivity. Now, not satisfied with the quagmire we are in, we are still willing to listen to the same “pipers” to get us out of here.

Pointing the finger at nature conservation, territorial planning and safeguarding the landscape's fundamental biophysical structures (eg the National Ecological Reserve) as the source of our ills, is to be willing to sacrifice what truly sets us apart, the last strategic reserves that can allow us to aspire to true competitiveness as a country.

It's going back 30 years.

On the edge of the abyss, we are dying to take the step forward…


Text from: Gonçalo Gomes

landscape architect

Note: The author writes according to the old Spelling Agreement