BE questioned the Government about the alleged lack of working conditions for Portway workers

The BE deputy elected by Algarve Cecília Honório “questioned the Government about the precarious conditions in which […]

BE deputy elected by Algarve Cecília Honório “questioned the Government about the precarious conditions in which portway workers are working at the airport of Faro», revealed this Tuesday the secretariat of the Left Block of the Algarve in a statement.

"The situations of precariousness were reported at a meeting between a group of workers and the BE deputy, where extreme cases of lack of security at the terminal were also reported, following accidents caused to the structure by bad weather", reveals the structure regional blockers.

«The unworthy conditions in which Portway workers carry out their activity at the airport of Faro, with regard to working hours and working conditions in general, do not fit the needs of quality and safety required for this equipment», justified the deputy in the request addressed to the Ministry of Economy and Employment.

"Portway has 450 civil servants and in periods of higher traffic, such as in the summer, more than 600 precarious workers are recruited to respond to seasonal requests, 90 percent through temporary work companies", explained Cecília Honório, something that is «an ambiguity» regarding «the legal framework that governs the provision of work by civil servants».

“Since the privatization of ANA is planned, what is the future of the Portway company and its workers?”, asked Cecília Honório. "How does the Government justify a State company to hire precarious workers through temporary work companies, a condition which adds to the violence of working hours and low pay?" he continued.

With regard to the lack of security, Cecília Honório wants to know if “the Government is in a position to guarantee that the working conditions of Portway workers are adjusted to the high responsibility of their functions and the safety of passengers”.

On the other hand, Cecília Honório asked if «ACT has already carried out any inspection of Portway since the company took over the “handling” of the airport in Faro» and what are the results of any inspection that has taken place.