40th Rally Casinos do Algarve decides on roads from Monchique and Portimão

The 40th edition of Rally Casinos do Algarve hits the road this Saturday, November 19th, being the tenth […]

The 40th edition of Rally Casinos do Algarve will hit the road this Saturday, November 19, and for the tenth consecutive year it will be held only in the municipalities of Monchique and Portimão.

The competition features novelties in terms of layout, starting with the reversal of the direction used in recent editions, and will have a triple pass in the sections of Chilrão (14,43 km) and Fóia (11,85 km), and double passage in the section from Monchique (11,62 km), totaling 102,08 timed kilometers.

The nerve center will once again be the Hotel Algarve Casino, in Praia da Rocha, and the closed park and assistance will be located in the Portimão riverside area, while the final podium will take place on the 19th, at 17, in front of that hotel. .

Organized by the Clube Automóvel do Algarve since 1993, the 2001 edition of the rally uses “house silver” to brighten up the competition, favoring Vítor Pascoal, Pedro Peres or Pedro Meireles.

Competitive interest also goes through the local drivers, namely Ricardo Teodósio, and the decision of the Cup of Portugal, with the presence of the two candidates for the trophy, without forgetting the internal fights for the South Region, between Márcio Marreiros, Luís Nunes, Luís Mota, Pedro Spear and Gil Antunes.

The Rally Casinos do Algarve, whose recognitions and checks will take place this Friday, the 18th, is sponsored by Solverde – Casinos do Algarve, the Municipalities of Portimão and Monchique, Carmim and XesEquipa.

The race can be followed step by step through the respective Facebook account or through the official website www.clubeautomovelalgarve.pt.

Find out here which are the areas suitable for the public: http://clubeautomovelalgarve.pt/index.php?op=b1m&id_img=203&id_evento=129&ling=p