3rd Tavira Mountain Bike Marathon was canceled

The Tavira Cycling Club reported today that, "for reasons beyond its control" the 3rd Mountain Bike Marathon […]

The Tavira Cycling Club informed today that, "for reasons beyond its control" the 3rd Mountain Bike Marathon scheduled for the 27th of November is cancelled.

According to the CCT, «the main reason for this cancellation is the cancellation of this Algarve Cup event by the Algarve Cycling Association, due to the refusal of athletes and clubs to be present, claiming that at this time of the season they are no longer prepared to the difficulties of the competition».

This decision to cancel the Algarve Cup event has other consequences for the CCT, which had an agreement with several sponsoring entities of the event.

«In this agreement there was a guarantee that the 70-kilometre marathon would count towards the Algarve Cup, proof that would bring greater media and publicity return. As this guarantee is not verified, the Club will not be able to carry out commitments that cannot be fulfilled», explains the CCT board.

In this way, there is no “reason for going ahead with the race, without prejudice for those already enrolled in the remaining parts of the marathon”.

This is because the Tavira Cycling Club says it does not want to «organize events just for the sake of organizing, but rather develop events that bring something positive to the Club and to the city, something that it would not bring».

«No one else than the Tavira Cycling Club regrets this position, hoping to start working now so that next year and on another date the marathon can be held with total success», concludes the CCT board.