“Learning a second language” motivates conference at the University of Algarve

The Great Auditorium of Gambelas will host, at 14 pm on December 30th, the conference Learning a second language, an initiative […]

The Great Auditorium of Gambelas will host, at 14:30 pm on December 5th, the conference learn a second language, an initiative that is part of the conference cycle Key Education Issues, organized by the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation.

Moderated by Manuel Célio Conceição, professor at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the University of Algarve, this debate has a panel of three experts: Carmen Muñoz, professor at the University of Barcelona, ​​Luísa Araújo, researcher at the Joint Research Center of the European Union in Ispra, Italy, and Carlos Ceia, professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

The conference is aimed at all those interested in the topic of education and aims to promote an informed debate on educational topics of general interest. When should learning a second language start? Is second language learning healthy for a child's cognitive development? What are the gains compared to later learning? Learning a second language hinders or helps the development of the mother tongue? These will be some of the issues addressed.

Admission is free, with mandatory registration in www.ffms.pt

More information on http://www.ffms.pt/conferencia-antes/159/aprender-uma-segunda-lingua