Vila Real de Santo António receives stage of the Marcha-Corrida Regional Project

Vila Real de Santo António receives, next Sunday, October 30th, another stage of the Regional Project of […]

Vila Real de Santo António will host, next Sunday, October 30th, another stage of the Marcha-Corrida Regional Project.

The Vila-Realense journey will make two routes available to participants: a longer one, with 9 kilometers, and another of moderate difficulty, with 4,5 kilometers. Both routes run through the interior of the National Forest of the Coastal Dunes of VRSA.

The meeting point is scheduled for the VRSA Sports Complex, at 10:00 am (departure), and participants must leave their vehicle (if applicable) in the sports shuttle car park.

Participation in the activity is free and open to practitioners from 8 to 88 years old, with provision for the distribution of water and fruit along the route.

The Regional March-Race Project was created by the then Regional Directorate of the Algarve of the Portuguese Sports Institute, which had the initiative of launching a weekly march-running calendar, aimed at the general population, in order to promote the practice. of physical activity.

To implement the idea, municipalities, Parish Councils, clubs and associations were invited, consolidating the event over the years and especially among the population aged over 50 years.

The success achieved led to at least one march being held in every municipality in the Algarve. The high number of candidacies for the organization led to the organization of night marches as well.

With the launch of the National March Race Program, presented by the then Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, in April 2009, the regional marching-walking project started, from 2009/2010, to have the name of Regional Project of Marcha-Corrida, combining the good practices of a project with deep roots in the Algarve with a project developed at national level.

Vila Real de Santo António is part of the network

Vila Real de Santo António also has a Marching and Running Center open to the entire community. One of the goals of the structure is to support residents who regularly practice walking or running without guidance and who wish to be advised in order to get more out of their training.

The center is part of the philosophy of the National March Race Program and provides technical support on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 18:30 pm to 20:00 pm.

There are also guided training sessions, according to the following schedule: Monday and Wednesday, march and/or running; Friday, strength training.

Regional Project of March-Race in VRSA

Data: Sunday, October 30th


Location: VRSA Sports Complex