PSD says VRSA Chamber's containment plan is "sign of political responsibility"

The council of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) of Vila Real de Santo António "welcomes" the decision of the local Chamber of […]

The council of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) of Vila Real de Santo António "welcomes" the decision of the local Chamber, with a PSD majority, to implement a financial containment plan, with a view to saving two million euros a year.

For the PSD/VRSA, the hundred savings measures presented this Monday are "a sign of political credibility and show that the mayor of the municipality Luís Gomes is up to the responsibilities entrusted to him, by a large majority, by voters."

The cuts will allow a 20% reduction in the current expenses of the City Council, which will relieve the pressure on the treasury, pay suppliers and, at the same time, increase the amount available to invest in social areas, which, according to the Social Democrats , “reveals exceptionally useful in the current national context”.

The social-democratic council also applauds the fact that “the measures are centered on current and superfluous expenses, thus ensuring the quality of the services provided”.

"By proposing a transversal scenario of appeal to savings, reaching all municipal divisions and management nuclei, Luís Gomes shows that he is committed to sharing efforts and knew how to anticipate the austerity effort contained in the State Budget for 2012", adds the PSD of VRSA.

The same party claims to know “that the drop in revenue for the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António is mainly due to the reduction in amounts from municipal taxes – especially the Municipal Tax on Onerous Property Transfers (IMT) and building permits - , which together and since 2008 have fallen by around €20 million'.

«We are aware that the austerity scenario in Portugal makes it difficult to increase these revenues overnight. But we also believe that this is the opportune moment to carry out processes for the sale of properties that are advantageous for the municipality, thus guaranteeing the maintenance of jobs and avoiding the increase in taxes on Vila-Realenses».

Therefore, underlines the PSD of Vila Real de Santo António, «contrary to what the socialist opposition has asserted, the sale of a set of assets such as the campsite in Monte Gordo or the old primary school in Manta Rota are examples of measures that will allow the municipality to make a significant financial contribution, ensuring the future of VRSA».

"However, instead of observing reality and realizing that today, given the new projects that have already been approved, there are properties that make no sense to be under municipal jurisdiction and whose disposal is the best alternative to balance the bills and pay suppliers of the municipality, the PS prefers to take the easiest route, alluding to the feeling to stop its sale».

A position of the socialists that the PSD accuses of being “pure demagoguery and a departure from reality”.

Finally, the VRSA PSD council also emphasizes the fact that this containment plan “will be the target of constant monitoring, not presenting watertight solutions, but rather susceptible to being updated or adapted according to reality”.