Pedro Barros heads the list of "heavyweights" to the direction of the Academic Association of UAlg

Pedro Barros will once again be a candidate for president of the Academic Association of the University of Algarve (AAUAlg) and will be […]

Pedro Barros will once again be a candidate for president of the Academic Association of the University of Algarve (AAUAlg) and will be the face of the project «Wake up to your Academy» which will be presented next Monday, in Faro. From here, a list will come out competing for the elections to AAUAlg, which will take place in December.

In statements to the Sul Informação, Pedro Barros assumed that this will be “a mega-project”, which comes at a time when AAUAlg is going through a serious financial crisis and because of that fact.

"We want to bring AAUAlg closer to the business structures of the region, a link that has been lost, and try to find the necessary economic and financial stability", said the future candidate to the president of AAUAlg.

«We gathered a group of people who lived the academy in an intense way and who want to help at this time. Our goal is to be able to find this stability over the next year. I think that, with willpower and hard work, it won't be impossible», added Pedro Barros.

The list to be presented, assured the spokesperson for the Hugo Vieira project, will have several very experienced elements who have occupied prominent positions in previous General Directions of Académica algarvia.

"The four main elements, the president, the treasurer, the secretary general and the assistant secretary general, are all well known" and Pedro Barros is not even the only ex-president of the group's DG, he revealed. The complete team is made known on October 24th, at 18 pm, in the Auditorium of the Superior School of Hotel Management and Tourism of the University of Algarve, in Penha.

«The project advocates a more aware and mature structure, with regard to the financial management of AAUAlg», said Hugo Vieira. The former treasurer of the AAUAlg, who is not a candidate, but only a supporter and advisor of the candidacy, added that it is not a question of a candidacy that breaks with the current one.

“It cannot be seen as a candidacy for failure. There are many people from the current General Direction that we invited and accepted the challenge. But we are going to combine these other elements with a lot of experience and proven proof», said Hugo Vieira.

The names already announced, which include one of the oldest and most active students of the João Pedro Ferreira academy, and the goals assumed, make this a candidacy that can almost be seen as a “Junta de Salvação” of the AAUAlg.

At this moment, more than a month before the elections, no candidate list is known yet. It is certain that, taking into account recent statements, the current president Guilherme Portada will not run for a third consecutive term.

The project «Wake up your Academy» will be based on three «basic pillars»: «return economic and financial stability to AAUALG, bring Academia da Cidade and the entire surrounding economic and social fabric closer together, and lastly – but not least – give back to all students the necessary affirmation and the correct and real intervention in the political-pedagogical decisions that influence their daily life in the Institution».