GNR headcount in Algarve to be increased by 10 percent

The Command of Faro from the National Republican Guard will have a further 113 soldiers as of November, […]

The Command of Faro The Republican National Guard will have 113 additional troops starting in November, a 10 percent increase over the current permanent provision. The reinforcement will be for the whole year and, in a way, it allows a continuation of the usual summer reinforcement, with which he will still come across.

The announcement was made by Colonel Matos Sousa of the Algarve command of the GNR, at a press conference that served to make a comparative balance of crime in the first 9 months of the year. An analysis that revealed that crime even decreased in 2011 compared to last year.

Even so, the GNR decided to reinforce the strength in the region. A measure that is linked, according to Colonel Matos Sousa, to the constant evolution of criminals and their methods. On the other hand, «the phenomenon of seasonality is more blurred», at least as far as crime is concerned.

But it is a fact that the reinforcement comes in a year in which the security of the Algarve was called into question, indoors and outdoors.

To the person responsible for the Command of Faro of the GNR, situations verified in some of the most touristic areas of the Algarve were inflated by some media, as they were occurrences “that take place in any other place”. “In neighboring Spain, the same cases would have a completely different treatment by all the entities involved”, he believes.

Albufeira, one of the councils where most reports of crimes using violence came to light, will be one of the councils to have "a significant reinforcement of troops", in addition to a change in the structure of the local device.

Although the media focused their attention on the municipality of Albufeira, at the beginning of the summer, it was on Faro, Tavira and Olhão had the biggest increase in crime in 2011. Olhão saw the number of reported crimes increase by more than 50 percent, a phenomenon that the GNR attributes to the increase in some types of crime.

“This increase is closely related to the theft of copper, gold and machinery. We also received many complaints about the theft of carob», he said. In Olhão, there was also an increase in complaints due to domestic violence, although at regional level the number of reported cases has decreased compared to the past year.

In 2011, the Algarve's GNR will invest "in new methodologies", which will make it possible to fight crime more effectively and strengthen security in more isolated areas. One of the projects on the table is the creation of zones within the area of ​​influence of each territorial post, where “almost always the same soldiers” will be patrolling, in order to create a relationship of trust with the population.