PCP delegation went to Meia Praia and Lagos to learn about the problems

The problems in Lagos and especially in the Meia Praia area were the focus of the Communist Party delegation […]

The problems in Lagos and especially in the Meia Praia area were in the sights of the Portuguese Communist Party delegation, including the PCP deputy elected by the Algarve Paulo Sá, who traveled to that city on 24 October.

The PCP delegation first became aware of the problem of the Meia Praia road, which connects Vale da Lama to Lagos.

This path was blocked, with stones and other barriers, by the company Palmares, which owns several golf courses in the area, thus limiting the access of local populations and visitors to Meia Praia, as well as preventing car travel from Vale from Lama to Lagos.

The PCP considers this attitude of the company Palmares “unacceptable”, having questioned the Government, through its parliamentary group, about the measures it intends to take to re-establish circulation on the Meia Praia road.

Also in Meia Praia, the PCP delegation was received in Bairro 25 de Abril, by its residents, having noted the state of disrepair in which the streets and other infrastructures are found.

Having been informed that the Municipality of Lagos had not carried out the necessary urban redevelopment works in Bairro 25 de Abril due to the fact that the Ministry of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spatial Planning did not authorize them (Bairro 25 de Abril is within the National Ecological Reserve and partially within the Natura Network), the PCP delegation questioned the Government, through its parliamentary group, about the legal grounds invoked for not authorizing such works.

The PCP delegation also questioned the Government about the intention to close the Basic School of the 1st cycle of Meia Praia, attended by children from Bairro 25 de Abril.

The visit to that area ended with a visit to Forte da Meia Praia, where the PCP delegation was able to observe the high state of degradation in which this monument of historical reference for the city of Lagos is found.

In a request to the Secretary of State for Culture, the PCP parliamentary group questioned the Government about the initiatives it intends to take to recover and preserve Forte da Meia Praia.

In the afternoon, the PCP delegation visited the Hospital de Lagos and met with the Board of Directors of the Centro Hospitalar do Barlavento Algarvio (CHBA).

At this meeting, the PCP delegation expressed its concern that the functional plan for the construction of a new Hospital in Lagos was presented by the Board of Directors of CHBA about three years ago and is still awaiting a response from the Ministry of Health. .

The PCP emphasizes that, during this visit, "it was possible to see the effort and commitment of the professionals at the Hospital de Lagos, who seek to raise the quality of the NHS response, despite the constraints that the Hospital's current facilities present."

The PCP delegation assumed the commitment to also question the Government on this matter.