Futsal Super Cup: Benfica beats Sporting and wins first trophy of the season

This Saturday, Benfica won the Portuguese Futsal Super Cup by beating Sporting, by 3-2, reaching their fifth title in the […]

This Saturday, Benfica won the Portuguese Futsal Super Cup by beating Sporting, by 3-2, reaching its fifth title of the competition and the first official trophy of this season, in a game played at the Pavilhão Arena de Portimão.

After five consecutive games without being able to beat the two-time champion, Benfica had to work hard to achieve victory, in a match in which the result was played until the last second, when Sporting "failed" the chance to take the meeting to overtime.

Sporting was the first team to have an opportunity to score, after just two minutes, in a shot by Marcelinho that Marcão saved with difficulty, and the following minute, the Brazilian winger wasted another opportunity, not taking advantage of a disagreement between the goalkeeper. Benfica and Arnaldo.

Despite the superiority shown by Sporting, it was the "red" who reached the end of the first period with an advantage (1-0), with a goal by Joel Queirós achieved in the eighth minute, in the first shot that Paulo Fernandes' team made on goal opponent.

After the goal, Sporting "fell" in performance, denoting greater nervousness with many missed passes, allowing their opponent to assume some advantage in the game, building some scoring opportunities, only not achieved due to João Benedito's opposition.

40 seconds before the rest, there was a controversial move, which gave Benfica the opportunity to increase their advantage. The refereeing duo decided to turn a free-kick near the "red" area into a ten-meter free-kick against Sporting, a move in which Joel Queirós ended up sending the ball to Benedito's goal post.

In the second half, Sporting came under more pressure, reaching an equalizer in the 24th minute, through a shot by Alex that was deflected in the area by Marinho, betraying goalkeeper Marcão.

After several goal situations for both teams, an error by the "lions" allowed Benfica to get back in front of the scoreboard, on 36 minutes, with a goal by Marinho who, unopposed in the area, finished a counter play. -attack initiated by Marcao.

With the Sporting team all advanced looking for the goal that would allow them to take the game to extra time, Benfica increased the score with a goal from goalkeeper Marcão, who took advantage of João Benedito's absence in the goal of the "lions".

With two minutes to go, Leitão reduced the disadvantage (3-2) in a confused move in the red area, and in the last second of the match, Buiu almost took the game to extra time, with Marcão stopping the ball over the goal line, after it passed between his legs.

Game played at the Pavilhão Arena, in Portimão.

Sporting – Benfica, 2-3.

To range: 0-1.


0-1, Joel Queirós, 08 minutes.

1-1, Alex, 24.

1-2, Marine, 36.

1-3, Marcao, 37.

2-3, Piglet, 38.


- Sporting: João Benedito, Buiu, Djô, Alex and Marcelinho. They also played: Leitão, Pedro Cary, Déo, João Matos, Caio,

- BenficaPlayers: Marcão, Arnaldo, Davi, Diece and Diego Sol. Also played: Joel Queirós, Gonçalo, Marinho, Teka,


Referees: Luís Ribeiro (Lisbon) and Agostinho Jorge (Setúbal).

Disciplinary action: Marcão (09), Joel Queirós (09), Gonçalo (19) and Arnaldo (33).


Text: Agência Lusa

Photo: Armindo Vicente