Slow march against tolls on Via do Infante will count with the participation of Spaniards

The four organizations promoting the new slow march against tolls on Via do Infante, scheduled for October 8, […]

Toll gates already installed on Via do Infante

The four organizations promoting the new slow march against tolls in Via do Infante, scheduled for 8 October, met over the weekend in Loulé to outline the details of what they classify as a "great day of struggle in the Algarve" . 

Entitled “A Luta Continua Semper”, the march is promoted by the Commission of Users of Via do Infante, the Algarve Group (Facebook) – Tolls on the A22 No, the CFC – Movimento Com Faro in the Heart and the Moto-Clube of Faro. 

Prosecutors say they are "in permanent contact with the Spanish people of Andalusia, namely business associations and major political parties, for their participation in the aforementioned slow march." 

The idling will involve "several types of vehicles, such as light cars, motorcycles and heavy vehicles" and will take place on 8 October, the anniversary of the first idling in 2010, between 14:00 and 20:00, in a length of 120 kilometers, involving the EN 125 and the Via do Infante. 

According to the promoters, there will be four main starting points: Altura (Castro Marim), next to the roundabout of the Restaurant “O Infante”, on the EN 125, at 14:00, Portimão, in Parque das Feiras, at 14:30; Tavira, roundabout dos Moinhos, (access to Via do Infante), at 15:00, and Albufeira, in Valparaíso, at 15:00. 

All this great movement will flow to the Parque das Cidades (Estádio do Algarve), starting from here at 16 pm on the way to Faro, passing through Patacão, airport roundabout, Forum Algarve roundabout and Municipal Theater roundabout. 

"Meetings will also take place with associations and various entities, distribution of leaflets and posters, placement of banners and dissemination of the action using social networks", add the four promoters, adding that "on October 8th, the social struggle against injustice will happen in the south of the country and all the dissemination and mobilization will be necessary». 

As for the expected participation of Spaniards in the slow march, the promoters of the initiative stress that «Andalusians from the province of Huelva have been actively engaged against tolls on the A22 – which will very negatively affect the economy and society in these two cross-border regions Algarve-Andalusia» . 

In this regard, the Spanish United Left had a resolution passed in the Andalusian Regional Parliament and filed a complaint with the European Court of Justice, while the United Left, the Popular Party and the PSOE also filed a motion in the Provincial Deputation of Huelva and in the Chamber of Ayamonte against tolls on the A22. 

Therefore, the four entities promoting the march «congratulate and warmly welcome our Andalusian neighbors of these political forces, and deeply condemn the national and regional political leaders of the PSD, CDS/PP and PS for continually betraying the Algarve and the their voters, by defending the placing of tolls on Via do Infante». 

Because, they reiterate, «to port the Via do Infante is to condemn the Algarve to death – more business failures, more unemployment, more deaths on the EN 125. It will be the destruction of society and the economy of the Algarve – the region, which only lives off tourism, experiencing a very serious and the greatest crisis at national level». 

The organizers appeal to all entities, citizens and civil society in general in the Algarve «to mobilize and participate in this great march, constituting a powerful front in the fight against tolls on Via do Infante». 

«On October 8th, it is forbidden to stay at home, as the time is for action and not resignation. Only with courage, determination and struggle will victory be possible, defeating all those who, for various interests, defend tolls on Via do Infante. The fight against tolls in the Algarve will always continue. No matter what it costs and it hurts whoever it hurts», they guarantee.