Freshman party cheers Faro since today

It already smells like freshman at the University of Algarve (UAlg), in other words, it's time for another Reception party at […]

It already smells like freshman at the University of Algarve (UAlg), in other words, it's time for another Freshman Reception party. Starting today and for ten days, there will be lots of entertainment, slogans and ink on the skin of the new students, in an initiative that has a new house next to the Municipal Swimming Pools of Faro.

The change of venue, or the return to a place already used several times for the Caloiro Reception, takes place a year after the strong controversy surrounding the use of Largo de São Francisco, in 2010. At the time, the restrictions imposed by the municipality led UAlg students to demonstrate in front of the Town Hall.

Once the controversy has been overcome, university students are once again occupying a much more isolated space, where noise and other types of excesses do not cause so much impact.

The loud sound is, moreover, one of the characteristics that mark this party. Be it in the chants of the courses, in the slogans shouted by groups of freshmen and veterans or in concerts, the decibels tend to rise in the Reception to the Caloiro.

The musical poster, as usual, will not lack the humorous tonic, by Nightingale Faduncho. Iran Costa, Iris, Joana Reis and João Kovac are other names that make up the poster.

Regarding the DJ, increasingly important figures at university parties and festivals, the highlight is the presence of Crazy Withe Boy on Thursday, October 6th, to animate Alcoolização dos Perús. Mr. Kool and Christian F are other names that stand out.

The Freshman party will only take place from Monday to Friday this and next week, taking a break during the weekend.

With regard to tradition, the Academic Parade, which will tour the streets of Faro on tuesday october 4th, with colors but also intense smells.

The festival ends on October 7th with the Monumental Serenade for the opening of the school year, which will take place in the Cathedral of Faro to 23h59.