Entities and employers seek solutions for unemployment in the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António

The second meeting on the Local Employment Plan was held this Monday, in Vila Real de Santo António, bringing together various entities […]

The second meeting on the Local Employment Plan was held this Monday, in Vila Real de Santo António, bringing together various local and regional entities, with a view to the development of the activity and support, by the municipality and the IEFP, to the unemployed of the county.

The Plan arose following the agreement signed on May 13, Municipality Day, between the municipality and the IEFP (Institute for Employment and Vocational Training), with the aim of helping those who are unemployed to create ways to facilitate demand and subsequent integration into the labor market.

The first meeting took place at the beginning of June, and the entities launched some challenges and proposals for the development of the plan, with a view to greater speed and proximity to reality, and where a work plan was also established.

At this second meeting, the conclusions of a study, carried out by the IERU - Institute of Regional and Urban Studies of the University of Coimbra, were presented, in which it was possible to observe that unemployment has increased considerably in the county in recent months, as well as the fact that this number is often increased as there is, on the part of the unemployed, a great opposition to mobility or to the investment in training.

During the meeting, the employers and companies presented some difficulties felt, as well as measures to be taken into account to resolve these same difficulties, such as the organization of internships with Cuba and Cape Verde (following the protocols of the municipality with them two countries), or the imposition of hiring a percentage of unemployed people in the municipality in the preparation of public works that begin there.

The Plan intends to implement concrete actions aimed at improving the conditions of the employment market in VRSA, namely the stimulus to entrepreneurship, encourage the use of microcredit for the creation of small businesses, the creation of employment by local companies, among others.

The municipality, together with the IEFP, will try to create a strategy to relaunch the VRSA employment market, in order to achieve more efficient and favorable solutions for the reintegration of the VRSA employment market, as well as create partnerships with the aim of reducing the actual number of unemployed.