11 beaches in Lagos and Vila do Bispo are banned due to the presence of toxic algae

The delegate of Regional Health of the Algarve Francisco Mendonça decided to ban since yesterday, the 23rd, the practice of bathing on the beaches […]

The Algarve Regional Health delegate Francisco Mendonça decided to ban bathing on the beaches of D. Ana, Camilo, Porto de Mós and Luz (Lagos municipality) and Burgau, Almadena-Cabanas Velhas, Boca do Rio since yesterday, the 23rd. , Salema, Furnas, Zavial and Ingrina (Vila do Bispo), due to the appearance of toxic algae in the water.

This ban, explained the Algarve Regional Health Administration (ARS) in a statement, “is due to the fact that toxic algae blooms have been identified (ostreopsis, toxin-producing dinoflagellate) very harmful to human health, capable of causing respiratory problems, conjunctivitis and dermatitis, among others».

The situation is being monitored by IPIMAR, the Regional Health Delegate, the Administration of the Hydrographic Region of the Algarve, the Port Authority of Lagos and the Municipal Councils of Lagos and Vila do Bispo, in order to ensure the intensification of observation of this coastal area. The National Water Institute and the Bandeira Azul Association were also informed.

Next week, new data will be available to assess the development of the blooms and take new measures, according to the Algarve's ARS.