"Come see!" the European Car Free Day in Lagos

Celebrating the European Car Free Day (September 22) is already part of the tradition of the city of Lagos, so […]

Celebrating the European Car Free Day (September 22) is already part of the tradition of the city of Lagos, so this year, the City Council decided to link awareness of the use of public transport to the rediscovery of its heritage, under the motto “Anda to see!".

The program for the celebrations of the European Car Free Day, which runs in Lagos until September 25, intends to motivate citizens to opt for public transport, or another means alternative to the private car, as well as taking residents and tourists to visit the city and their heritage, to practice physical activities and to use environmentally friendly modes of travel.

With the program “Anda Ver!”, the Municipality of Lagos launches, once again, an invitation to participate in a series of activities, which will take place between 16 and 25 September, and which simultaneously mark the European Week of Mobility (16 to 22), the European Heritage Days (23 to 25), the World Heart Day (25 September, although nationally this date is marked on the 29th) and the Sunday Slow (in the context of the International Movement of the Slowcities of which Lagos is a part).

"Assuming itself as an awareness-raising initiative so that citizens are more aware of the environmental impacts, on health and on the dynamics of urban areas, resulting from the choices they make in terms of mobility, in Lagos the activities of information, animation and awareness of the European Mobility Week and the closing of the intra-wall area, on the 22nd, to car traffic, have sought to draw the attention of citizens and visitors to the mobility solutions available”, says the local authority in a press release.

ONDA – Transportes Urbanos de Lagos, the construction of covered car parks, surface parking for a limited period and for a fee and free parking lots around the historic center are examples of this policy, added the City Council of Lagos.

This year, the challenge of leaving the car at home is once again launched on the 22nd, between 9 am and 17 pm, a period in which A ONDA, the Tourist Train (which is also associated with the initiative) and the covered car parks of the Avenida dos Descobrimentos, Anel Verde and the Building Paços do Concelho XNUMXst Century will be free.

On this and other days it will be possible to participate in waste collection campaigns and sports activities, visit exhibitions and attend demonstrations or shows organized by the various local entities that recognize themselves in the objectives of the European Mobility Week.

The streets of the historic center and the municipal markets will be the preferred places to visit these days, who do not neglect, in the same way, concerns about healthy eating.

Physical activity and healthy lifestyles will be highlighted on September 18th and 25th. So, tomorrow, Sunday is marked by the promotion and demonstration of sporting modalities, in charge of the council's clubs, while on the 25th, a walk and race march will be organized to mark the World Heart Day Celebrations and the Slow Cities Movement.

These initiatives have the participation of the Portuguese Red Cross Center in Lagos, which will carry out cardiovascular screenings.

Finally, the program “Anda Ver!” intends to draw the participants' attention to the “Heritage and the Urban Landscape” which constitutes the theme of the European Heritage Days and the reason for the realization, between the 22nd and 25th, of guided tours of the built heritage, gatherings, concerts in monuments and entrances in the various museums in the city.

In this context, the Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos also organizes activities on “Sustainable Mobility” aimed at classes from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles.